O’Niell Investigations LLC
Investigations and Consulting


Criminal Defense Consulting
- Air interdiction and drug smuggling
- Border search and arrest
- Aerial surveillance

Aviation Accident Consulting
- Pilot error
- Faulty maintenance procedures or lack of maintenance
- FAA air traffic controller failures

Civil Rights Violations
- Use of force litigation
- Discrimination


Matrimonial and Family Law
- Custodial fitness investigation

Auto Accident Investigation
- Witness investigation

Intellectual Property and Trademark Violations

Loss Protection and Employee Theft

Witness, Debtor, Descendent, Beneficiary Location
- Collect judgments
- Locate heirs for probate


Professionally trained, descreet, and effective
- Provide documentation and admissible evidence
- Specialize in multi-vehicle moving and foot surveillance

New Mexico PI 2200


About David O'Niell

Aviation Smuggling Defense Expert

I bring to my business over 20 years of federal law enforcement experience investigating and apprehending air, ground, and maritime federal law violators. Experienced in field operations, investigations, and surveillance methods, my knowledge of federal agency procedures will ensure that you get the evidence or documentation you need for success at trial.

My aviation experience can assist your aviation litigation preparation whether it involves civil or military operations, scheduled flight operations, or general aviation or charter/F.A.R. Part 135 operations. With more than 5,000 hours of flight time piloting helicopters, airplanes, and jet aircraft—and additional thousands of hours as a flight crew member—ensures that you’ll be provided with competent aviation case preparation.

My 20 years of service as a former federal agent with experience in vehicle, vessel, and aircraft surveillance and tracking of smugglers helps me assist you in evaluating your situation and your case presentation. I have been trained in British SAS surveillance methods and have experience in hundreds of technical and physical surveillance operations. With our digital privacy communication equipment and training we can handle your complex and challenging requirements to deliver the appropriate and effective documentation you need.

All investigative work is conducted with absolute discretion and in adherence to applicable statutes and professional ethics.

C.J.A. panel for federal criminal defense - U.S. District Court, NM